Physical/Chemical Properties of Water in Textile Wet Processing | Standard/Ideal Quality of Dye House Water

Water in Textile Wet Processing:
In wet processing, water consumption is used greater than the amounts of fibers processed. It is the ubiquitous solvent for the solutions of chemicals used. For this we should know details about water. Physical and chemical properties of water are given below:

General Properties / Physical Properties of Water: 

1. Water when pure has no color no taste and no orider.
2. The plaseut teste of water is due to dissolued gases and salts present in the water.
3. Melting point 00C.
4. Boiling point at 760mm hyprressure-1000C.
5. Heat of fusion 79.7 cal/g
6. Heat of uaporisction 539.6 cal/g
7. It shows highest density at 400C -18m/ml

Chemical Properties of Water / H2O:

1. Water has a gnat thermal stability and not closely decomposed into elements,
         2H2O + 69000 cal = 2H2O + O2

2. Water is poor conductor of electricity.
3. Electropositive metal react with water violently and liberate hydrogen
        2Na + H2O =2NaOH + H2
4. Electronegative metal react with water at ordinary temperature
       Cl2 + H2O = HCl+HClO
5. Most organic compound are insoluble in water but non-polar organic compound like ether ,bengene , alcohol, are soluble in water.

Standard/Ideal Quality of Dye House Water:

Minimum Standard
Permissible Concentration
Color less
Odour less
Neutral (7-7.5)
Solid deposit
Inorganic salts
 Manganese (Mn)
 Silicone (Si)
 Total dissolve solid (TDS)
 Alkalinityat pH 4
35-65 crcog

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