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The calender is a series of hard pressure rollers used to form or smooth a sheet of material. Calendering is an operation carried out on a fabric to improve its aesthetics.
Calendering machine
Objectives/Aims of Calendering:
  1. To upgrade the fabric hand and to impart a smooth silky touch to the
  2. fabric.
  3. To improve the opacity of the fabric
  4. To compress the fabric and reduce its thickness.
  5. To impart different degree of luster to the fabric.
  6. To reduce yarn slippage.
The mechanical finish is done for softness and shining of the fabric or stiffness according to the nature of the chemical, this process is done after the chemical finishing as per buyer requirement. Speed of the machine is 10- 100 m/min. There are two calendaring m/c in ytm . Production of 1 machine is 1.5 lac / day

Components of Calendering Machine:
  • Winder
  • Metal detector
  • Seam detector
  • Rollers (cotton, reclon and steel)
  • Anti static rod
  • Oscillating roll
  • Batcher sensor
  • Cooling drum
A Short description of Calendering Machine are Given Below:

Seam detector:
Function of seam detector is to bypass the seam.

Metal detector:
Metal detector to detect metal partials.

Anti static rod:
Anti static rod is used to remove static charges.

Small winder:
When we have to calendar short width fabric and we can also run short width fabric with long width fabric.

Oscillating roll:
To avoid selvedge overlapping on batcher.

Cotton roll:
For soft finish the fabric is passed through cotton bowl. This roller is made up of cotton.

Steel roll:
To give smoothness and luster. The temperature is provided to steel roller about 32-200 c with help of electric heater as we increase the temperature shining will increases only used for cotton CVC and percale and PC.

Reclon roll:
When fabric passes through Reclon roll and steel roll giving smooth and luster effect is generated. When it runs with steel roll and reclon roll and cotton roll dull effect is generated. When it runs b/w steel and reclon gloss effect is generated.

Cooling drum:
Cool down the fabric water circulates inside the cooling drum. 
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