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Fashion Illustration:
Fashion Illustration is the communication of fashion that originates with illustration, drawing and painting. An illustrator draws and paints clothes for commercial use. It is usually commissioned for reproduction in fashion magazines as one part of an editorial feature or for the purpose of advertising and promoting fashion makers, fashion boutiques and department stores. A fashion illustrator is someone who creates drawings, sketches, and other works of art which pertain to the fashion industry. 

Fashion illustration
Fashion Illustration is more of an expression. An expression of your inner self, an expression of how you look at Fashion, not how somebody else wants you to look at your own creation.

Fashion illustration is a style in itself, and it is currently enjoying a renaissance, says Graeme Aymer.

Elements of Fashion Illustration:
  1. Fashion illustration shows the presence of the fabric texture through the art and gives a visual luxury.
  2. It is the communication of fashion.
  3. Fashion illustration has been around for nearly 500 years.
  4. Ever since clothing has been in existence there was a need to translate ideas into a garment there has been a need for fashion illustration.
  5. It found a decline in late 1930s when vogue began to replace its illustrated cover page with photographic images.
  6. Now it has gone from being one of the sole means of fashion communication and having a very minor role.
  7. Some of the famous past illustrators are Andy Warhol (coco cola bottle, tomato sauce, bottle, and Marilyn Monroe), Kenneth Paul Block, Antonio Lopez, etc.
  8. Initially the tailors or the dress makers used artist’s help to transfer their ideas on the paper.
  9. Those illustrations had natural figures which gradually changed towards exaggerated fashion illustrations. 
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