Process Flow Chart of Knitting Technology

Knitting is one kind of fabric manufacturing process in which fabric is produced by inter looping among loops formed by single or several yarn feeding simultaneously. Knitted fabrics produced with stitch formation.

Circular Knitting m/c
Stitch is most important structural element of knitted fabrics .The stitch consists of a head ,two legs ,two feet and upper& lower connection point.

Process Flow Chart for Knitting:

Yarn in package form

Place the yarn package in the creel

Feeding the yarn

Set the m/c as per design & GSM


Withdraw the roll fabric and weighting

Roll marking




Anonymous said...

somebody has idea where can I find used 15"-20" rib kniting machines (from 1990's), I have 5 rib and interlock machines but they are from the 40's and 60's very very slow production, so I looking for 3 small diameter rib machines (because I have not enough room)

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