Process Flow Chart of Garment Finishing Section

Garment finishing consists of a series of finishing operations performed in the garment to improve its aesthetics, handle and functional properties. The processing operations can be either or both mechanical and chemical in nature, which are performed in stitched garments as single or batch. Several finishing techniques applied to the fabric can be applied to manufactured garments. However, specialty machines are needed for garment finishing operations. In addition, many of the finishing operations may not be economical to perform in garment form. Hence, it is imperative to complete the finishing operations in fabric form unless there are unique features that can only be added in the garment form or incorporation of any functionality to the garment.
Garment finishing department
Fig: Garment finishing department
The term ‘garment finishing’ was a buzzword for the process in the denim industry; now the term has been extended to a range of ready-made garments such as shirts, T-shirts, trousers and jackets and even to all other types of clothing. Various chemicals are used for value addition to garments through effects including various feels such as soft, supple, dry feel, bouncy feel; and to adding functionalities such as water/oil repellency, wrinkle free, moisture management, stain protection and durability to
the garment.

Process Flow Chart of Garment Finishing:
Finishing input (style, color & size wise)

Initial quality check

Spot Removing



Hang tag

Get up change



Bar code (buyer wise sticker)

Metal check


Final inspection by buyer
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