On Line Quality Control System | Off line Quality Control System

In previous, I have written an article on Textile Testing and Quality Control. Now I will discuss on online and off line quality control.
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Quality Control System:
  1. On- line quality control system 
  2. Of line quality control system
On Line Quality control System:
This type of quality control is carried out without stopping the production process. During the running of production process a set up is automatically performs and detect the fault and also takes corrective action.

Online quality control comprises with the raw material quality control and the process control.

Raw Material Control :
As the quality product depends on the raw material quality so we must be provided with the best quality raw material with an economical consideration. The fabric must be without fault, with proper absorbency, whiteness as per requirement of the subsequent process. The Grey inspection report gives the condition of the raw fabric.

Process Control :
The method chosen for the process must be provided with the necessary accurate parameters. Here the specific gravity, water level, residual hydrogen per oxide etc. at each stage is checked.

Laboratory :
Lab is the head of the textile industries. Higher precision lab can aid easily to achieve the goal of the organization. Before bulk production a sample for the approval from industry is sent to the buyer. As per the requirement of the buyer the shade is prepared in a lab considering the economical aspects.

Lab Line:
1. Standard sample: The buyer to the industry gives the standard sample. The sample is measured by the CCM to get the recipe.

2. Lab trial: Getting the recipe the lab officer produce lab trial and match with standard according to buyer requirement. Lab trial is made by the AHIBA dyeing machine. There are some programs for dyeing. The programs are given below.

Off line Quality Control System:
Performed in the laboratory and other production area by stopping the production process consisting of fabric inspection and laboratory and other test. Correction steps are taken according to the test result.

Off-Line Tests: All the Off-Line tests for finished fabrics can be grouped as follows:

A. Physical tests
B. Chemical tests

Physical Tests:
  1. GSM test
  2. Shrinkage test
  3. Spirality test
  4. Tensile strength
  5. Abrasion resistance
  6. Pilling resistance
  7. Button Strength Testing
  8. Crease resistance
  9. Dimentional stability
  10. Brusting strength test
Chemical Tests:
  1. Color Fastness to washing.
  2. Color Fastness to light.
  3. Color Fastness to heat.
  4. Color Fastness to Chlorinated water.
  5. Color Fastness to water spotting.
  6. Color Fastness to perspiration.
  7. Color Fastness to Seawater.
  8. Fibre analysis.
  9. PH test.
  10. Repellency. 
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