Loom Brake System | Types of Loom Brake | Band Brake of Loom

Loom Brake System:
Brake: A brake is a device by means of which artificial frictional resistance is applied to moving body in order to stop the motion of a loom.
Loom Brake
Types of Brake:
Through there are many types of brakes, the following are commonly used in looms:

i) Shoe brake
ii) Band brake

Band Brake:
The brake stops the loom immediately whenever required. The weaver uses it to stop the loom to repair broken ends and picks.

A band brake consists of a flexible band of leather, or steel lined with friction material, which embraces a part of the circumference of the dram shown in figure. One end is fixed at the point and other is fixed with a spring loaded collar. When force is applied to the lever hence the brake is applied. The friction between the band on the drum and the drum provides the braking force as lateral movement of leaver creates a pressure on the brake band. 


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