Flow Chart of Stitching Section of Towel Manufacturing | Working Procedure of Stitching Section

Stitching is the last section of towel manufacturing. In stitching section work is done according to the following flowchart:

Flow Chart Of Stitching Section:

Inventory Receiving

Role Cutting

Ribbon Section

Piece Cutting

Over Lock

Level Sewing

QC Section

Special QC

Quality Audit

Level Confirm



QA Audit


Final Inspection


The Working Procedure of Stitching Section:
» At first material is received from wet processing department. Then roll cutting i.e., warp way separation is done manually by using knife.

» Then the towels go to ribbon section. Here 2 long sides 9Selvedges) are stitched.

» Up next; comes the piece cutting section. Here small pitches of towels are separated from a large piece by cutting with a scissor.

» Then by using over lock m/c the 4 selvedges of the small towels are sewn.

» Then level is attached with the towel by sewing this is known as level sewing.

» Then the towels are sent to the quality Control Section where they are graded as A/B/C/D grade.

» Next the towels are sent to the special QC for further quality check-up.

» Then they are sent to the quality audit section. If the towels pass in this section then they are sent to the level confirm section.

» In level confirm section the levels are checked in order to assure the correct level has attached.

» Then the towel are folded in the folding section & then packed in a poly bag.

» Then they are sent for quality assurance audit.

» If the towels pass in the audit; then cartooning is done according to the Spec Sheet.

» Next final inspection is done. If everything is found ok in the final inspection; then the towels are sent for shipment. 


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