Aim and Objectives of Industrial Attachment In Textile Engineering

As a part of course curriculum of Bangladesh Textiles Colleges or Universities, students are sent for industrial attachment for two months in related field. During the attachment students worked as a trainee textile engineer and had to attend the official working days in general working times i.e. 9 am to 5 pm.

Garment industry
Fig: Garment industry
Aim and Objectives of Industrial Attachment:
  1. To enhance University learning experience through involvement in industrial and commercial field, thus enabling students to relate theoretical concepts with practical situations;
  2. To develop ability to evaluate issues and situations critically and propose well considered options and solutions;
  3. To develop and enhance professional awareness and communication skills;
  4. To provide experiences that will enable to achieve a breadth of understanding that will form a framework or agenda for final year of study.
The experience offered by industrial training varies. However, by the end of the placement we were expected to have substantially met most or all of the following objectives:
  • Undertaken problem solving activities in the workplace;
  • Further developed my communication skills;
  • Shown the ability to accept responsibility, work independently, manage my own time and schedule my work;
  • Understood the constraints of a formal working environment and the benefits of team work;
  • Appreciated the relevance of my academic work and have applied this to new situations;
  • Used new tools and techniques to supplement those covered on my scheme of study;
  • Acquired the experience to understand, discuss and evaluate the professional issues relating to textile engineering.
  • Gained an understanding of which final year courses will provide the best foundation for my int ended career. 
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