Washing Faults/Defects of Fabric | Different Types of Washing Faults/Defects

Washing is one way of cleaning, namely with water and often some kind of soap or detergent. Washing is an essential part of wet processing. During washing process a lot of numbers of faults occurred. Some are occurred for mechanical fault some are process fault. Different types of washing faults/defects are point out below.
Washing fault
Different Types of Washing Faults/Defects:
  1. Over blasting / low Blasting.
  2. Over grinding / low grinding.
  3. Bad smell due to poor neutralization.
  4. Poor hand feel.
  5. To high hairiness.
  6. Poor brightness.
  7. After wash hole.
  8. Very dark & very light.
  9. Bleach Spot.
  10. Bottom hem & course edge destroy.
  11. Running shading.
  12. High or low affect / abrasion on garments.
  13. Spot on garments.
  14. Out of range / level of pH value of garments.
  15. Colour shade variation.
  16. Crease Marks.

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