Uses/Application of Oxidizing Agent in Textile Wet Processing Industry

Oxidizing Agent:
An oxidizing agent is a reactant that removes electrons from other reactants during a redox reaction. We can also say that any chemical substance that has a tendency to accept electrons and thereby undergoing reduction themselves is known as an oxidising agent. Oxygen is the prime example of an oxidizing agent.
Structure of oxidizing agent
Use of Oxidizing Agent in Textile Wet Processing:

1) Desizing: 
Desizing is the process or removing the starch or size the covering the warp yarn using enzyme. Oxidizing agent, or other chemicals . Lastly, is oxidative desizing method. This method using hydrogen peroxide and persulphate, that will degrade the starch with serious attack.

2) Oxidized Starch:
The starch derivatives made by oxidative processes find limited use in textile sizing because they are more expensive to produce as compared to the other starch modifications which can give essentially similar properties to high solids/low viscosity cooks [5]. Instead of using acid to reduce the starch chain length, sodium hypochlorite, an oxidizing agent, is employed.

3) Bleaching: 
Cotton being a vegetable fibre will be bleached using an oxidizing agent. Bleaching is a process of destruction of natural coloring matter to produce white fabric band be accomplished with a minimum damage to the cloth being bleached. Cotton being a vegetable fiber will be bleached using an oxidizing agent, such as dilute sodium hydrochloride or dilute hydrogen peroxide. If the fabric is to be dyed a deep shade, then lower levels of bleaching are acceptable. 
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