Spindle of Ring Frame | Functions of Ring Spindle | Different Parts of a Spindle

The spindle is the main part of a ring frame which helps in twisting, winding simultaneously. Sometimes, spindle referred as ‘heart of spinning’. It hold the bobbin, somewhat loosely but tight enough to prevent slippage.
Functions of Spindle:

a) Twisting and winding is performed by spindle.
b) It holds the bobbin.
c) The capacity of ring frame is mainly determine by the number of spindle.

Different Parts of Spindle:

The parts of spindle are given below:-
  1. Spindle blade
  2. Wharve
  3. Bolster
  4. Lock
  5. Bearing
  6. Bolster cage
The last three parts help the spindle to fix at the right place and work properly. 
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