Spindle of Ring Frame | Functions of Ring Spindle | Different Parts of a Spindle

The spindle is the main part of a ring frame which helps in twisting, winding simultaneously. Sometimes, spindle referred as ‘heart of spinning’. It hold the bobbin, somewhat loosely but tight enough to prevent slippage.
Spindle of Ring Frame

Types of spindles used in ring spinning frame:
  1. Supported spindles
  2. Bottom whorl drop spindles
  3. Top whorl drop spindles
Functions of Spindle:
  1. Twisting and winding is performed by spindle.
  2. It holds the bobbin.
  3. The capacity of ring frame is mainly determine by the number of spindle.
Different Parts of Spindle:
The parts of spindle are given below:-
  1. Spindle blade
  2. Wharve
  3. Bolster
  4. Lock
  5. Bearing
  6. Bolster cage
The last three parts help the spindle to fix at the right place and work properly.

Effects of spindle in ring spinning:
Spindles (and the spindle drive) have a considerable influence on the machine‘s energy consumption and noise level. However, the running behavior of the spindle, especially balancing errors and eccentricity relative to the ring, also have an impact on yarn quality and, of course, on ends down frequency. Badly running spindles have an adverse impact on almost all yarn parameters. Spinning mills must therefore always ensure the best possible centering of rings and spindles. Since the ring and the spindle are units that are independent of each other and can change position relative to each other during operation, these components must be centered from time to time. This used to be done by moving the spindle relative to the ring, but now usually involves adjusting the ring. Mechanical or electronic devices are used for centering.
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