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Burn Out Printing:
Nowadays Print is a very very important thing for this textile sector. Print makes a clothes attractive. We can’t imagine a dress or clothes without print. Printing sector is also expanding and changing every day with the fashion trend. We are discovering new technic and qualities of print day by day. Print technology is growing up with the Clothes industry. 99% fashion clothes are now must have any print on it.

Burn out printing
There are many kinds of print we can do on the clothes or fabric. Some print very basic and normal, these prints are very cheap also. But some print is very critical and rare. These kinds of print are more costly than basic normal print. But print makes a dress or clothes attractive and salable.

Today I will introduce you with a rare, critical and costly print. The name of this print is Burnout print. This is a rare quality print. Burnout print is also very expensive too. It's a very nice quality print.

In the image of the print you will clearly see the Polyester and cotton part.

The printing factory makes this print with the flat bed printing machine. The printing way of this print is same as a normal flat bed print, just printers use acid type chemical instead of color.

We can do this print only some selected fabric. This print is not possible on 100% cotton fabric. The best composition for this burn out print is 60% polyester and 40% cotton fabric. This print is also possible on 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

The main technique of burnout print is destroys the cotton portion of the fabric with Acid / Chemical. When the chemical flow over the fabric and contact with cotton portion, then it burn out the cotton by chemical reaction. Actually cotton is the victim here.

Chemicals of Burn Out Printing:
1. PC or CVC fabric.
2. Paste + Any acid liverating salt (like Nacl, Na2 so4)
3. Steaming
4. Washing (Roubasting wash)
5. Burnout print complete

Only print technicians will understand the above 5 points.

Step by Step Printing Process of Burn out Print:

1st Step: Develop the print design and screen with the buyer provided artwork.

2nd Step: Knit the fabric with the yarn of following composition

a) 60% polyester 40% cotton OR
b) 40% polyester 60% cotton Or similar like that.

3rd Step: After complete the kitting of fabric send the gray or scouring fabric to printing factory.

4th Step: Perform the print on this fabric. Here, the cotton part will be destroyed by the acid but polyester portion will be remain same.

5th Step: Then we will dye and finished the fabric as per our require color.

Hope, above description of burn out print is clear to all.
Important points regarding the Burnout print:

1. Burnout print is not possible on 100% cotton fabric. Clothes should be PC or CVC
2. 60% polyester 40% cotton is the best composition for Burnout print.
3. Process loss is very high. More than 35%
4. Single jersey construction is the best construction for Burnout print.
5. If you need the finished fabric with 120 to 130 GSM then you should knit the fabric with 160 to 170 GSM.
6. Burnout print is not only expensive but also lucrative with nice feelings.

When you will calculate the cost of a burnout printed dress or clothes, please follow the below details-

1. Please add the burnout print price with fabric price.
2. As the sampling cost is very high so also consider it during the pricing.
3. Add process loss 35%
4. Normally the cost of burnout print is $4.5 to $5.0/kg

Please find below the costing details of single jersey Burnout fabric.
( This is an example only, price may changed any time)

1. Yarn per Kg = $ 3.60
2. Fabric Knitting = $ 0.15
3. Scouring = $ 0.80
4. Burn Print = $ 5.00
5. Wash = $ 0.80
6. Dyeing = $ 1.50
Total = $ 11.85/Kg

Add process loss = 35%

The finish Burn out Fabric cost will be = $ 16.00/Kg 
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