Super White Wash | Objects of Super White Wash | Process of Super White Wash for Garments

Super White Wash:
Super white wash is done on the garments made from cotton grey fabrics. Due to this type of wash, the garments becomes extremely white. 
Super white washed pant
 Objects of Super White Wash:
1.To make white the garments.
2.To achieve the buyer washing standard.
3.For soft feeling to wear the garments.
4.To remove size materials from the garments, etc.

Process of Super White Wash:
The process of super white wash of batch of 60kg cotton grey fabrics is described below:

First Step: Desizing
  1. Batch size: 60 kg cotton grey fabrics
  2. Water @ L:R: 1:8
  3. Machine running
  4. Temperature up to 90°C
  5. Add detergent@2%(OWF)
  6. Cold caustic soda@8% (OWF)
  7. Add Soda ash @ 5% (OWF)
  8. Hydrogen per oxide @ 12% (OWF)
  9. Stabilizer @ 5% (OWF)
  10. Time: 70minutes
  11. Drop the liquor
Second Step: Bleaching
  1. Add detergent @1% (OWF)
  2. Add Caustic soda @ 3-4% (OWF)
  3. Hydrogen per oxide @ 6-8% (OWF)
  4. Stabilizer @ 2% (OWF)
  5. Time: 45-60 minutes
  6. Temperature: 90°C
Third Step: Hot Wash
  1. Temperature: 50°C-80°C
  2. Time: 5-10 minutes
  3. Drop the liquor
Fourth Step: Neutralization
  1. Add Acetic acid @ 1%
  2. Time: 5-10 minutes
  3. Cold wash
Fifth Step: Brightening
  1. Add optical brightener agent @ 0.5-0.6%
  2. Time: 5-10 minutes
Sixth Step: Softening
  1. Add softener @ 0.5-1%
  2. Time: 5-10 minutes
Seventh Step: Hydroextractor machine
After unloading garments from the washing machine then they are sent to hydroextractor machine to remove excess water from the washed garments.

Eight Step: Drying machine
  1. Load 60kg garments to gas dryer
  2. Machine running
  3. Temperature: 75°C-85°C
  4. Time: 40 minutes in hot dryer
  5. After then run 10 minutes in cold dryer.
Ninth Step: Delivery
After dryer garment goes to quality section for quality checking and good on delivery. 
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