Normal Wash | Objects of Normal Wash | Garment Washing Process With Normal Wash

Normal Wash:
Process in which heavy or slight soiling is removed and transferred to the water in the form of a solution or dispersion. Washing has the effect of cleaning surfaces. The resulting effect is several physical/ chemical processes (Washing process). Washing and cleaning constitute a complex process, during which soiling is removed by means of physical separation, with or without substance conversion, from a substrate. Industrial washing processes can be categorized as solution washing, dispersion washing and reaction washing.

Normal washing
Objects of Normal Wash:
Normal wash is required for the following reasons:-
  1. To remove dust, dirt, oil spot, impurities from the garments.
  2. To remove size materials from the garments.
  3. To remove starch presents on the garment fabrics.
  4. For soft feeling to wear the garments after purchasing.
  5. To achieve buyer washing standard.
Washing Process of Normal Wash:
The Normal/Garment washing process of batch of 70 kg Twill/Canvas Garments are described below:-

First Step : Desizing
  1. Lot size: -....................... 70 kg Twill/Canvas Garment.
  2. Add water @ L: R = 1: 8-10 ............560 --700 Litre.
  3. Machine Running.
  4. Add detergent @ 0.5 gm / liter ............ 280-350 gm.
  5. Temperature..... Sometime cold & sometime 40°c to 60°c.
  6. Time .............................. 5 to 10 mts.
  7. Drop the liquor.
  8. Cold wash.
Second Step : Softening
  1. Add water @ L : R = 1: 6 ......... 420 litre.
  2. Washing machine running
  3. Add Flax softner @ 0.6 gm / litre .......... 252 gm.
  4. Add Acetic Acid @ 0.5 gm / litre........... 210 gm.
  5. Time................................... 5 to 10 mts.
  6. Drop the liquor.
  7. Unload the Garments on trolley.
Third Step :Hydro Extractor Machine
Hydrocxtraction the garment to remove excess water from the Garment.

Fourth Step: Drying Steam Dryer / Gas Dryer.
  1. Load on steam dryer -50 kg
  2. Temperature -60°c -70°c
  3. Time -40 -50 mts for dry.
  4. Time -10 -15 mts for cold dry.
  1. Load on gas dryer -50 kg,
  2. Running the machine
  3. Temperature: -70°c -85°c.
  4. Time: -30 -35 mts for dry.
  5. Time: -10 -15 mts for cold dry.
Fifth Step: Delivery
After drying it will be quality checking and good quality Garments will be delivery to Garments factory

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