Higher Education in Textile Engineering | Study of M.Sc. and Ph.D in Textile Engineering

Bangladesh is a developing country. Textile and Apparel sector is the economic backbone of Bangladesh by providing more than 80% of the foreign currency and being the major employment providing sector. 

Higher Education in Textile Engineering
But it is really very pathetic that there is absolutely no scope of higher study i.e. M.Sc. in textile engineering, P.hd in textile engineering and research for textile professionals in Bangladesh. Anyone who want to be a textile experts , can only achieve a simple B.Sc degree as his highest academic degree as there is no scope to study at M.Sc or P.hd level in the Bangladeshi Universities. So there is no other alternative of going abroad for the higher study in Textile Engineering. Though recently a few universities of Bangladesh such as Bangladesh University of Textiles, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Daffodil International University launched Masters in textile engineering.

I write also article on List of Textile Engineering Universities/Colleges of Bangladesh . But this article is to be aware Bangladeshi textile professionals , as well as any other textile student of the world about the scope of higher study in different foreign universities.

The higher study is becoming challenging day by day. In this present time of global economic crisis, the developed countries are lessening their research and educational budget. Its resulting the decrease of scholarship and research aids in number and amount.

Again textile engineering is not a common engineering subject like electrical, mechanical or computer engineering in European countries , America , Canada , Australia , New Zealand and others top grade research countries. So, it is very hard to locate a suitable University in the globe to get higher degree in Textile engineering. But it is not so hard if you know where to search and what to search. This blog is to aid your search and increase your higher study opportunity by providing of helpful information on.

List of World Famous Universities Those Offer M.Sc. and Ph.D in Textile Engineering:

1. The University of Manchester: The University of Manchester is very renowned for the Textile Engineering Courses and Degrees. They provide several Textile Diploma, Honors and Ms.c Degree in Campus based and online format within part time & Full time facilities.

Textile Technology, International Fashion Retail, Textils Design, Textile and Fashion

2. Bolton University: Bolton University is one of the most popular and ancient university of United Kingdom. This university offers the Full Time and Part Time Msc Degree in Textile Engineering. Their Msc Degree name is International Textile Business & Innovation.

The web address of the school is http://www.bolton.ac.uk/BEE/

3. University of Leeds : It is another famous university for textile engineering.
http://www.design.leeds.ac.uk//postgraduate.htm#taught for taught master
http://www.design.leeds.ac.uk//postgraduate.htm#research for research master

4. Heriott Watt University:
School of textile and design
The departmental web address is http://www.tex.hw.ac.uk/

5. North Carolina State University: You will find wide range of subject here such as Textile Chemistry, Fibres and polymer Science, Textile Technology Management, Textile Engineering etc.

The web addrss of the department of Textile in NCSU is

6. Kaunas University of Technology: Kaunas University of Technology is a popular university of Lithuania. Kaunas University offers Msc in Textile Engineering for the students who want to upgrade themselves with fiber and textiles advanced thoughts. The Msc Degree programs in Kaunas University are about 2 years long. That means the total duration is 24 months.

The web addrss of the department of Textile in Kaunas University of Technology

7. Philadelphia University
The web address of the textile department is

8. Auburn University
College of Engineering,
Department of polymer & fiber engineering

9. Clemson University
College of Engineering and Science
Polymer and Fiber Science.

10. Lehigh University
P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science
Polymer Science and Engineering ( Interdisciplinar)

11. University of Wisconsin - Madison
School of Human Ecology
Design Studies

12. University of Nebraska - Lincoln
College of Human Resources and Family Sciences
Department of Textile , Clothing and Design
College of Human Resources and Family Sciences

13. University of North Texas
School of Merchandising and Hospitality Management
Indistria- Technical Merchandising and Fabric Analytics

14. Savannah College Of Art And Design
Textile fibers

15. University of Connecticut
Polymer Science

16. Eastern Michigan University
College of Technology
Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising

17. Lehigh University
Polymer Science and Engineering

18. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Polymer Science and Engineering

19. Florida State University
College of Human Sciences
Clothing , Textiles and Marchandising

20. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Graduate Studies
Textile Technology

21. Cornell University

22. Universidade Do Minho, Portugal
Textile chemistry, textile technology, apparel technology and textile management and design. In portugese.

23. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Leading university for design, merchandising, textile technology course

24. University of New South Wales
PhD in Textile Technology

25. Curtin University of Technology
Master of Design

26. Deakin university
MS and PhD in fibers and textiles.

27. Indian Institute of Technolgy, Delhi
MS and PhD in Textile Technology

28. HK Polytechnique University
MA in Fashion and Textile Design/ Fashion & Textile

29. Donghua University, China
Leading University in Fashion, Textile and International Trade in China and there is possibility of getting fund.

30. Colorado State University
College of Applied Human Sciences
Desing and merchandising.

31. Iowa State University
Textile and Clothing

32. Kansas State University
Apparel textile and interior design

33. North Dakota State University
College of Science and Mathematics
Coating and Polymeric materials

34. University of California , Davis
Letters and Science

35. Louisiana State University
School of Human Ecology
Graduate program in Textile , Apparel Design and Merchandising

36. University of Massachusetts Lowell
College of Arts and Sciences
Polymer Science

37. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Graduate Studies
Textile chemistry

38. Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Brooklyn
Polytechnic University , Brooklyn
Polymer Science and Engineering

39. University of Tennessee - Knoxville
College of Engineering
Textile Science

40. Heriott Watt University
School of textile and design
The departmental web address is

41.University of Cambridge
Judge Institute of Management
Textile and Polymer Science

42. University of Southampton
Winchester School of Art
The University of Southampton is a British public university located in the city of Southampton, England.
MA Design: Textile Design
Winchester, Hampshire
Degrees: Master's
MA Design: Textile & Fibre Art
Winchester, Hampshire
Degrees: Master's
MA Design: Fashion Management
Winchester , Hampshire

43. University of Huddersfield
Textile Technology for Textile Designers

44. Manchester Metropolitan university
(MA in Textiles)

45. London Metropolitan University
(MA in Textile Design)

46. Royal College of Art
(MA/MPhil/PhD in Textile)

47. University college Falmouth
(MA in Textile Design)

48. De Montfort University
(MPhil/PhD in Textile Engineering and Materials)

49. Dresden University, Germany
Very good university for textile engineering and clothing management. Many Bangladeshi students prefer this university as their destination.

50. Niederrhein University, Germany
One of the few universities in western Germany which offers textile courses . Few advantages are that courses are in English, very little tuition fee per semester and recently they signed an agreement with NITRAD.

51. Boras University, Sweden
Courses are in English and there is a possibility that from next year they are going to charge tuition fee. Master course is 1yrs and requirement of IELTS is 5.5+

52. University of Copenhegen, Denmark

53. Politecnico di Torino, Italy:
Mainly masters in textile engineering also there is a opportunity of higher studies in material engineering.

54. ENSAIT Ecole Nationale SupĂ©rieure des Arts et Industries Textiles, France 

MS in Technical textiles (Chemistry or Mechanics) and Supply Chain Management/Info Design. Require elementary French .
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Mazharul Islam Kiron is a textile consultant and researcher on online business promotion. He is working with one European textile machinery company as a country agent. He is also a contributor of Wikipedia.

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