Different Parts of a Bra/Brassiere | Anatomy of a Bra

Bra is one of the most attractive undergarment for women. Many have curiosity about bra special unmarried persons. Now, I will discuss about different parts of bra, I means an atomy of bra.

A brassiere (commonly referred to as a bra )is a woman's undergarment that supports her breasts. Bras are typically form-fitting and perform a variety of functions and have also evolved into a fashion item. The primary purpose of a bra is to enhance the wearer's comfort by supporting her breasts.

Different Parts of a Bra:
Bras have evolved over the years into a variety of unique, innovative and highly technical styles. Still most modern bras contain a few common elements and similar basic design. Bra consist of parts like Apex,strap, adjuster,hook and eye,cup, cradle,sling,wing etc. 
Different parts of a bra
The Cup is one of two usually separate areas of fabric that surround, lift and/or cover the breasts. The cup can be seamless (made of one piece of fabric) or multi-part (made of several different sections reinforced by carefully placed seams). There are advantages and disadvantages to each. The shape and construction of the cup determine the resulting breast shape; round, projected, minimized, natural, lifted or contoured.

The apex is the part or the bra where the strap joins the cup.

The Strap is the part of the bra that joins the top of the cup to the back of the band by going over each shoulder. The strap is used primarily to keep the cup in place not to support the entire weight of the breasts. Since bra straps are not necessary many bras are available with convertible or removable straps.

The adjuster is used to tighten or loosen the strap accordingly. Its position on the strap can vary and depends on the design of the bra.

The Wing is the side part of the band that wraps from the outer edge of the cup around the side of the body to the back of the band.

Hook & Eye:
You can usually fasten a bra on the first, second or third hook and eye. We recommend that when you buy a new bra, it fits snugly when fastened on the loosest hook and eye. This is because your bra will stretch over time and you will need to use the middle and tightest hooks to keep it firm later on.

The center front or center gore is the piece of the bra that its fat against the chest in between the breasts. It is sometimes part of a cradle.

Some bras incorporate a sling into the inner cup to provide additional support to the side of the breast to stop it from spreading out to the side. It is popular to use a sling in cups for larger breasts or for any size when the outer fabric is too delicate to provide enough support on its own.

If the straps are the beams that make up the vertical support of your bra, imagine the rings and slides as the hinges. You need them to create an adjustable back so that one bra size can fit different body types/heights.

A cradle helps position the wires and cups securely against the chest. Many women therefore and bras with cradles more comfortable to wear.

The Band is the base part of the bra. It wraps around the rib cage and fastens in the back. The band is very important because it is designed to anchor the entire bra to the body and should provide 75%-90% of the support. The under band or bottom band runs along the bottom of the bra and anchors the bra to the body. It should it snugly against the body, providing the majority of the support for the breasts.
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