Chemical Used in Pigment Washing and Their Functions

Pigment wash is similar to normal wash but a bit costlier. This washing process is doing on pigment dyed or printed garments by using pigment washing technique. Pigment wash requires a higher temperature of water than a normal wash. In previous article, we have discussed about pigment washing process. Now, I will discuss on chemicals those are used in pigment washing.

Chemicals used in pigment washing
Fig: Chemicals used in pigment washing
Types of chemicals and auxiliaries used in pigment washing:
There are various types of chemicals and auxiliaries used in pigment washing process the are given below:
  1. Caustic Soda (NaoH)
  2. Soda Ash (Na2Co3)
  3. Detergent
  4. Acidic Acid (CH3COOH)
  5. Flax Softner (Cationic, Nonionic)
Functions of those chemicals are described briefly below:
Caustic Soda (NaoH) :
  1. Caustic created the role in bleach technique without colour change the garments.
  2. Caustic has a cleaning power which is more powerful then soda Ash.
  3. Fadding affect/old looking affect come rapidly on garments.
Soda Ash (Na2Co3) :
  1. Soda ash created alkaline medium for the breakdown of pigment dye. 
  2. It has also a cleaning power.  
  3. It has also help colour fadding affect of garments.
Here detergent is used to remove impurities from the Garment fabric surfaces and temperature helps detergent to enhance its action. Detergent removes the impurities from the garments fabric surface. During coming these impurities, some pigment will be washed out from the pigment dyed or printed area of the garments. As a result fadding affect will be developed.

Acidic Acid (CH3COOH) :  
Acidic Acid is used to neutralize the garment from alkaline condition and to control the pH value in wash bath.

Flax Softner (Cationic, Nonionic) :
Softener is used to make the garments treated textiles is surface feel that is bath sickly and soft and also provides excellent lubricating properties.

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