Characteristics of Jacquard Mechanisms | Advantages and Disadvantages of Jacquard Mechanisms

General Characteristics of Jacquard Mechanisms:
  1. For designs that require the reproduction of freely drawn shapes , it is usually necessary for each end in the repeat to be separately controlled.
  2. Jacquard machines are used for a wide variety of purposes from ties to carpets.
  3. Their patterning possibilities virtually unlimited.
  4. Jacquard mechanism fabric
  5. The most elaborate designs (reproduction of freely drawn shapes, i.e. floral designs) are woven on an intricately constructed loom called the Jacquard loom, and the weave of these fabrics is called the jacquard weave .
  6. Elaborate designs could not be made on the regular harness loom. Because intricate designs require many variations in shedding.
  7. Virtually no limit to the number of picks /repeat (i.e. 5000 picks or more)
  8. The length of the repeat is limited only by the cost and inconvenience of a very long pattern chain .
  9. Jacquard machines are made in a wide variety of sizes to control from 100 to 2000 or more ends per repeat.
  10. In conventional jacquard machine field, the spectrum now ranges from 192 through 3200 to 6144 hooks.
  11. When a higher no.of independent lift is required two or three jacquard machine is placed side to side.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Jacquard Mechanisms:


  • Tremendous design possibilities,
  • Simpler in principle than dobbies
  • Large scale moving parts makes the machine and its harness relatively costly to install and maintain.
  • Jacquard fabrics are much more costly to produce.
  • Jacquard machines are even more liable to produce faults in the fabric than dobbies.
  • Pattern change is a time consuming process.
  • Until recently, the jacquard machine had tended to impose limitations (300 picks/min )
  • Jacquard shedding is normally used only when the cloths to be woven are outside the scope of dobby shedding.

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