What is Garments Joining? | Joining of Different Parts of Garments

The process which have been developed as alternative to sewing are known as alternative methods of joining. Three methods are used instead of sewing, these are:
  1. Welding
  2. Adhesive
  3. Moulding
  4. Fusing
Alternative method of fabric joining
Fig: Alternative method of fabric joining
1. Welding:
Welding is the process of garment manufacturing which involve the sealing together of thermoplastic materials but the heat is not applied externally.

Basic procedure of the method:

Heat applied on the fabric
Melting of thermoplastic materials
Applying pressure on melted material
Creation of bonding
Fabric joined

Amount of heat generation depends on:
  • Amplitude of frequency.
  • Frequency.
  • Pressure.
  • Time of frequency.
  • Water cannot penetrate into seam or joining.
  • Used in less costly garment.
  • Used in the fabric where amount of thermoplastic is 65%.
  • Sealing of edges of seams and fabrics.
  • Shaping of different component of garments.
  • Production of different component of garments.
  • Produce button hole.
  • Cutting and sealing of length of ribbons.
  • Attaching motif of the garment.
  • In water proofing seams.
2. Adhesive:
The term adhesive is used to mean a substance which is sticky in the conventional sense of the word. But it is used for joining the fabric.

Types of Adhesive:

  1. A coating of thin adhesive film on silicon paper which is transferred to the fabric and the plies of the fabrics become joined.
  2. A material which melts on applying heat and helps in joining the fabrics.
  1. The use of an adhesive thread as one of the looper threads which can be sewn in to the edge neatening of the hem.
  2. Used for water proof garments.
  3. Another use of adhesive is in seams which will take no stain.
3. Moulding:
By moulding method the required definite shape of garments is found without creating seam.

Basic procedure of the method:

The desired shape by shrinkage
Heat apply

Thermoplastic fiber in fabric become soften


Desired shape

4. Fusing:
Fusing is a joining process of fabric. Fusing often serves as alternative to sew-on interfacing, which strengthens, supports and adds shape to fabric.
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