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A towel is a piece of absorbent fabric or paper used for drying or wiping. It draws moisture through direct contact, often using a blotting or a rubbing motion. Common household textile towels are made from cotton, rayon, bamboo, nonwoven fibers or a few other materials.

Types of Towel:
There are many types of towel. Some are them given below:
  1. Baby Towel
  2. Bath Towel
  3. Beach Towels
  4. Golf Towels
  5. Hand Towel
  6. Hotel Towels
Baby Towel:
Baby towel is made with fine quality 100% cotton yarn to give it that soft texture and smooth feel. This is very essential for a baby, because a baby’s skin is very sensitive in nature. The baby requires a baby towel which is mild, and not harsh on the skin. 

Baby towel
A ‘Hooded Towel’ is a variety of a baby towel, which is extremely popular and used by almost all mothers. When babies are slightly wet from being bathed, they lose heat very quickly, especially on the head. ‘Hooded Towels’ eliminate this problem by covering the head. A hooded towel is usually square in shape and has a triangle shaped hood in one corner. It is usually made out of soft unbleached 100% cotton yarn. The reason being, it has to be very soft and mild, since it comes in direct contact with the baby’s tender skin.

Hooded baby towels come in sizes ranging from the normal 80x80cm, to the big 100x100cm ones. They come in different color combinations and hoods of various types. The hoods could be anything, right from a dog, frog, etc to an angel, flower etc. These soft terry towels with hoods also come with bound edges. Natural unbleached cotton hooded towels are also available today, in some cases with an extra large hood. These towels are velvety soft on one side and have thick absorbent terry on the other. The size of these baby towels is approximately 100x100cm. SHM Traders supply high quality baby towels with 100% cotton yarn. We can also deliver baby towels made with polyester cotton yarn and other blended yarn, based on customer requirements. We supply hooded baby towels in all sizes and different color combinations.

Another variety of the baby towel is ‘Baby wrappers’. This is basically an oversized baby bath towel which is large enough to completely wrap your baby. It is a soft terry cloth towel which is very absorbent, and doubles up as an apron for the mother giving the baby a bath. It is a unique and versatile towel which has good utility value. This towel too, comes in various color combinations. “shmtraders suppliers of baby towel” are also equipped to supply high quality baby wrappers. We have a firm belief that what we put on our bodies is as important as what we put in our bodies.

SHM Traders guarantee consistent quality and competitive prices in the towels supplied. We can also entertain requests for different packing requirements. We have the capacity to handle large orders and there is no lack of effort on our part to provide outstanding service to our buyers. To put it in short, we would like to treat our buyers, as we ourselves would want to be treated, in all angles of a business relationship.
Bath Towel:
A Bath Towel is typically rectangular in shape and is normally available in a size of approximately 75 x 150 cm. Bath towels in any form are one of the most basic needs of a human being. We tend to ignore the importance of a bath towel. A point of great interest and one to note is that towel day is celebrated every year on May 25th. “shmtraders suppliers of bath towel”, understand the need for high quality bath towels, and it is our endeavor to supply 100% cotton yarn towels to all our esteemed clients, at prices which are highly economical. 

Bath towel
Bath towels are available in many varieties, one of them being the ‘Terry Towel’. This particular type of bath towel is also commonly referred to as a ‘Turkish towel’. This is a towel made from a pile fabric which is usually cotton, with uncut loops on both sides. These loops can absorb large amounts of water. We can supply these Turkish bath towels in different sizes and colors. Delivery of this product can be customized to suit the customer’s needs.

The second variety available is ‘Terry Velour Towel’. This brand of bath towel is made of 100% cotton. They are plush in nature and are available in colors like gold, white etc. They have loop terry on one side and soft triple sheared velour on the other. We at SHM can deliver these bath towels in different sizes. You are certain to get a product which is 100% cotton and of a very high quality. The bath towels we supply blend with any d├ęcor and are durable in nature. We can also provide dobby ribbed hem on the ends, if our clients so desire. This is besides the standard finished hem along the sides. Good bath towels with a solid design are our trademark.

The third variety is the ‘Dobby Jacquard Towel’. These bath towels are high, in both quality as well as comfort. They are available in the plain and printed form, and different specifications in terms of size and weight. A range of colors like rose, grey, light green, orange etc are also available. These bath towels can be made with polyester cotton yarn and other blended yarn, based on the needs of the clientele.

Our range of bath towels is very comprehensive and they are all priced competitively. The towels we supply are flawlessly designed and are a class apart. They are also made from the finest materials. We guarantee top of the line products. These products, namely bath towels, display a variety of contemporary designs that can add charm and elegance to the surroundings. We work towards delivering customized products to our clients and fulfilling their needs. In terms of supply, we have the depth and capacity to handle large orders. To us, at SHM Traders, buyers will always be our number one priority.
Beach Towel:
Beach towels as the name suggests, are towels carried outdoors in general, and to the beach in particular. They cater to all and sundry, right from babies and little toddlers, to adults and older people. Due to this reason, they come in all types of sizes and weights. 

Beach towel
Beach towels are available in many varieties. Two of the more popular ones are, the ‘Terry Velour Beach Towel’ and the ‘Printed Beach Towel’. Both these types are made with 100% cotton yarn. At SHM traders, we are known to supply beach towels which are soft, absorbent and generously sized. We also provide the buyer with a lot of flexibility, in terms of size, content and material used. Beach towels supplied are also made with polyester cotton yarn and blended yarn. This form of blended yarn is used essentially as per customer requirements.

Today, a lot of importance is given to Beach towels which are dedicated to different printed designs. This brand of a beach towel caters to the younger generation. They are attractive to look at and are made with 100% cotton yarn. “shmtraders suppliers of beach towel”, are very versatile with regards to the different types of beach towels on offer, as part of our supply range. We offer the customer, sizes ranging from 100x180cm, 75x150cm etc. An example of the varied options can be gauged from the fact, that we can also make minor changes to the dimensions of regular sizes on offer. For instance, we could give you a beach towel with an approximate size of 76x152cm. This might not sound like something great, but it definitely goes a long way towards satisfying a customer who is intent on having a specific size.

SHM Traders are suppliers of beach towels made with 100% cotton yarn. There are numerous types of beach towels like the ‘Terry Velour Beach Towels’, the luxurious long lasting ‘Cotton Velour Jacquard Beach Towels’ and the ‘Children’s Printed Velour Beach Towels’. We can supply all these to you and much more. Beach towels supplied by us are of the finest quality and we guarantee this quality to be consistent. Printed beach towels of various types can also be supplied. These include Harry Potter, Disney Cars, Dolphins and Barbie Girl, to name a few.

We put in a lot of effort to provide outstanding service to our buyers, and orders for different Beach towels can be handled in a very efficient manner, without compromising on quality. The competitive prices offered by us, just come as an added bonus.
Golf Towel:
Golf Towels have been conceived for the sport of golf. Today these towels still cater to the sport, but the range and quality of Golf Towels have grown by leaps and bounds. They are available in many sizes and their uses are varied. 

Golf towel
To begin with, there is ‘The Original Mini Golf Towel’. This is a towel which is 7.5x7.5 inches in size, with an attached ball marker. This golf towel fits quite easily in the pocket and is a unique golf accessory. It is available in four colors.

There is also a ‘Terry Towel’ category in golf towels. These golf towels are made with 100% cotton yarn and are generously sized. This absorbent terry velour towel is hemmed, and finished with a grommet and hook. It is roughly 16x26 inches in size, and moulds in quite well on any golf bag. Some golf towels feature a terry side for absorbency and a velour side with vibrant, colorful graphics. These towels look and feel good, weigh roughly around 800gms, and are available in different sizes. Golf towels are also made with polyester cotton yarn and other blended yarns. These though, would be based on customer requirements.

Today, a ‘microfiber golf towel’ is available in the market, and it has become very popular. This golf towel is basically a jacquard woven towel using microfiber yarns. The reasons for its popularity are its superior absorbency and quick drying properties. This type of golf towel is very light in weight and absorbs water/ sweat very easily. The microfiber golf towel can be customized and is available in different sizes, like 36x45cm, 30x55cm etc. Microfiber golf towels dry the hands in a flash and are ideal for cleaning any golf equipments. “shmtraders suppliers of golf towels”, are the right source to buy any golf towel requirements. 
We understand the needs of a customer and provide very good service to our buyers. The necessary infrastructure is present, to support able delivery of large orders. We are known to supply golf towels of very good quality, and the prices quoted too, are very competitive. We can supply golf towels in assorted colors and designs, provide clips to hook the towels and also consider requests for specific individual needs. This could mean, incorporating your favorite sports teams or cartoon characters etc on the golf towels, or anything else. We could also consider requests from companies, to provide custom embroidered golf towels.

SHM Traders believe in giving magnificent service in an honest manner and strive to keep product quality uniform. To us, the buyer is of prime importance, and fulfilling his needs, is our number one priority.
Hand Towel:
A hand towel is significantly smaller than a bath towel. The basic aim of any towel is to have good water absorbency, and the hand towels supplied by us, boast of the same. 

Hand towel
Today, a hand towel has taken on a different meaning and it can be used for various purposes. We at SHM Traders understand this change completely and try to satisfy the needs of all our customers and their specific requirements. We primarily make it our aim to deliver these hand towels, not only in standard sizes and weights, but also according to special and unique demands. Our final goal is to provide you with a hand towel, made with 100% cotton yarn and of a very high quality. We can supply hand towels in various sizes and colors too. Right from an attractive looking 30 x 30 cm small one, to a 50 x 80 cm self colored large one. We make it a point to take care of all this and much more.

In today’s scenario, hand towels vary in size. The weight of a hand towel is also variable and could oscillate between 15g/pc to about 50g/pc. The range of hand towels and the colors in which they can be made available are enormous. This ranges from small to big in terms of size, and from the bright reds to the more sober shades like lemon, sky blue etc in terms of color. Due consideration can also be given to the weight factor, keeping in mind the specific needs of a client. Another innovative feature that can be incorporated within the hand towel is the use of satin strips, to give it that different look. “shmtraders suppliers of hand towel” lead the way, with regards to the competitive pricing of high quality hand towels.

Cotton hand towels made of Curled Terry are also available and they are branded as ‘terry hand towels’. This type of towel is very durable and can be used at homes as well as in hotels and clubs. The said towels can be showcased in different ways. Printing along the border of the towels, creating different designs etc are two such ways. Another option available is the cotton hand towel with fluffy Spiral Pile, and ones with cartoon designs on them. The fluffy Spiral Pile gives the hand towel an excellent feel and the cartoon designs would please the kids at home. This apart, there are the Printed Velour hand towels which boast of a thick texture.

The range of hand towels supplied by SHM Traders is very vast and customer oriented. They not only feature towels made of 100% cotton yarn and polyester cotton yarn, but also offer blended yarn based towels, based on specific customer requirements. All efforts are made to ensure outstanding service to our customers and we guarantee uniform quality and highly competitive prices. Packing at the time of supply, can also be done to suit different needs. Individual packing, packing 12 pieces in a poly bag etc is all a part of what can be done to please the customer. We also have the capability to handle large orders.

Last but not the least, a hand towel supplied by us would not only make a great statement to any contemporary style bathroom, but would also give the buyer a great deal of satisfaction.
Hotel Towel:
Hotel Towels are a very big part of the towel manufacturing and supplying industry. They are generally white in color and made of 100% cotton. These towels can also be of the polyester/cotton blended variety. Today, some hotel towels are made with, twisted loop ring spun, long cotton threads. These loop terry towels are some of the most absorbent. 

Hotel towel
Hotel Towels consist of bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths etc, which vary in size and weight. They can be broadly classified into four categories, in terms of size:
  1. Large or Jumbo size bath towels.(approximate size of 67x140cm)
  2. Medium size bath towels.(approximate size of 60x120cm)
  3. Small size hand towels.(approximate size of 30x50cm)
  4. Smallest size towels, which are suitable for the face.
Many hotels require specialized towels for daily use. An example that comes to mind is the good quality dish cloth, used in many a hotel kitchen. Hotel towels used in individual rooms is another area, where there are a lot of different preferences, in terms of size and weight. “shmtraders suppliers of hotel towels”, caters to all these needs. We also go one step further, in the sense that we can supply hotel towels, not only in regular sizes and weights, but adjust and alter them, to suit customer requirements. Our hotel towels are high quality and luxurious Terry towels made with 100% cotton yarn.

Most hotels/motels prefer oversized bath towels, because they are practical and good to use. An occupant using this sort of towel has more substantial drying surface. We at SHM Traders have the ability to supply the same. Our hotel towels are made with 100% cotton yarn and are incredibly soft in nature. We can supply hotel towels in plain weave, with dobby or cam border, if required. The basic color requirement for hotel towels is white, but there are a few customers, who leave the traditional path of a white color towel, and want bright and rich colored ones. We can supply hotel towels in specific colors, if our esteemed buyers so desire. Many hotels require a logo to be embroidered or embossed on the entire range of hotel towels. Some others require a distinct ribbed hem detail to be provided. SHM Traders makes an effort to fulfill these requirements.

We guarantee that the hotel towels supplied are plush and absorbent, coupled with style and durability. The 100% cotton yarn towels that we supply are very fluffy and have a luxurious feel. The prices that we offer are very competitive and we also give due importance to the handling of large orders.

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