Procurement of Garments Export Order | Execution of Garments Export Order

Procurement of Garments Export Order:
The main role of garments merchandiser is to collect garments export order, produce the garments, export the garments and earn profit. To perform those functions successfully needs lot of knowledge, experience and tremendous effort for a merchandiser. 

RMG Order sheet
The most critical work is the procurement of garment export order. Normally garment export order is found from the potential garment importers called garment buyer. Anybody wants to collect garments export order, should be able to convince the buyer. When the buyer is convinced about garment production, garments quality, garments costing and shipment ability of a garments exporter, he or she can think about issuing garments export order.

Without clear confidence among buyer& exporter from both sides, may be a risky business deal. If a garment exporter can continuously deal with only three or four buyer with buyer’s satisfaction, it will be sufficient enough to run garment production & garment export business smoothly round the year.

Execution of Garments Export Order:
After receiving the garments export order, without without wasting any time,it is essential to prepare a time schedule for the jobs to be done for safe execution of the export order.The main jobs for the execution of an export order are as given bellow.

  1. Details analysis of export L/C.
  2. Preparation of a time schedule for the export L/C.
  3. Collection /procurement of fabric and accessories for the garment to be export.
  4. Distribution of responsibilities for the jobs and duties.
  5. Production plan.
  6. Inspection of the produced garments for quality, quantity, packing and other requirements of the buyer.
  7. Preparation of banking and shipment formalities.
  8. Continuous follow-up of progress.
  9. Other
Process of Negotiation:
A successful negotiation outcome does not generally occur through luck, but by following a clear process. The process reflects the different levels of knowledge of the subject of negotiation, various parties and the way they communicate at various stages in the negotiation. The following is an outline of steps essential to effective negotiation:
1. Open your office in that country to whom you intend to export your products. It is a great way to market your products in that country.

But can you afford this? As opening an office in that country and hiring staff for that office can be very costly for you.

You might be thinking that what could I do?

If you cant setup your office in importing country now you would be thinking what would be the other options to advertise and display your products in other countries.

2. Another way of export marketing is appointing your agent or a distributor of your products in the importing country.

But finding an agent or distributor might not be possible for you. As for that purpose you have to do a lot of work & research to find an honest agent or distributor.

3. Third way of export marketing is to attend trade fairs in different countries.

It is also a costly way, as you have to arrange a lot of things like tickets, purchase a place to display your products, arrange stock of your products to display etc. to attend any trade fair.

4. The fourth way of export marketing is to give phone calls to the importers of your products in different countries by colleting the list of importers from the export development authorities. But when you call them they will be asking about your products catalogue. Making phone calls to the hundred of importers and sending them your products catalogue is too much expensive.

Now, you will be thinking that I cannot follow any of the above mentioned steps for export marketing.

I will suggest you to use Internet for your export marketing that is called "electronic commerce". There is no universally accepted definition of the term "electronic commerce" or "e-commerce". However, it is generally used to cover the "distribution, marketing, sale or delivery of goods and services by electronic means.

You can use the following e-commerce ways to market your products worldwide in very cost effective way:

a. Open a web site of your company to display your company profile and products on it. This will help you to display your all products with their complete specification. Any one interested in your products may get knowledge of your products and company by simply visiting your web site rather you send your catalogue to them. Only refer your web site to the importers for complete details of your products.

The following are the benefits that you can get from opening a web site.

  • Promote/display your products and services with complete details.
  • Provide online quotations to your buyers.
  • Advertise your products worldwide at less expense.
  • Obtain feedback from your customers/importers.
  • Improve customer services by providing same day answers to online inquiries.
b. Another way to market your products by using Internet is use of Business to Business (B2B) web sites. There are many B2B web sites that give you opportunity to market your products worldwide at no expense. B2B web sites are providing great services for importers and exporters to have their company's products and profile online.

On these B2B web sites, you can contact importers, exporters and services providers directly. You may browse worldwide selling and buying leads posted by worldwide importers and exporters.

B2B web sites are powerful e-commerce marketing tool for manufacturers, importers and exporters to promote their business activities to acquire information and to increase market access. It is a relatively inexpensive way in international trade to disseminate in depth information, receiving direct replies, suggestions and inquires from worldwide importers and exporters and contacting potential trade partners.

B2B web sites allows the worldwide exporter and importer to sit anyplace and become a global competitor with no investment, no infrastructure, no representative, nothing except importer or exporter ability to put their products and profile on the internet.

The above stated two e-commerce methods have proved cost effective way to export marketing. I am working as a consultant and I have given the above suggestion to many exporters who are using these ways very successfully.

Author of This Article:
Noor Ahmed Raaz
B.Sc. in Apparel Manufacturing
University of Chittagong
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