Lap Former Machine | Features of Lap Former Machine

Lap Former Machine:
The lap former has, furthermore, the task of forming the interfacing or lap , which is employed to feed the combing machine. The lap is obtained by doubling a certain number of slivers (from16 to 32)previously subject to a drawing passage. The slivers are fed side by side, passing , through rollers and stop motion. The slivers enter the drafting section and then calendar ' section to produce a compact lap. Finally the lap is wound on to bobbin. In the lap former, the material under goes a light draft of around 1.5 to 2 times one a drawing aggregate of the type 2 on top of 3 cylinders. 

Lap former machine
Features of Lap Former Machine:
  • Delivery speed up to 120 mts/min
  • Batt weight up to 80 gms/mt
  • Pro-In control for lap build-up
  • 4/4 spring loaded drafting system
  • Integral top roller release
  • Variable top roller loading
  • Modular construction
  • Complete belt drive
  • Auto spool changer
  • Positively driven creel
  • Lap transport through lap trolley 


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