Lap Former Machine | Features of Lap Former Machine

Lap Former Machine:
The lap former has, furthermore, the task of forming the interfacing or lap , which is employed to feed the combing machine. The lap is obtained by doubling a certain number of slivers (from16 to 32)previously subject to a drawing passage. The slivers are fed side by side, passing , through rollers and stop motion. The slivers enter the drafting section and then calendar ' section to produce a compact lap. Finally the lap is wound on to bobbin. In the lap former, the material under goes a light draft of around 1.5 to 2 times one a drawing aggregate of the type 2 on top of 3 cylinders. 

Lap former machine
Features of Lap Former Machine:
  • Delivery speed up to 120 mts/min
  • Batt weight up to 80 gms/mt
  • Pro-In control for lap build-up
  • 4/4 spring loaded drafting system
  • Integral top roller release
  • Variable top roller loading
  • Modular construction
  • Complete belt drive
  • Auto spool changer
  • Positively driven creel
  • Lap transport through lap trolley 
Necessity of lap former:
  1. To reduce the strain to delicate comber reduce.
  2. To reduce fiber damage.
  3. To reduce chance of good fibers waste.
  4. To reduce short fibers.
  5. To reduce thick and thin places in the sliver.
  6. To control wastage.
  7. To parallel and straight of fiber in carded sliver by changing pushing of fibers.
  8. Not freely opening of fiber from sliver.
Classification of lap former machine:

A. Conventional system

  1. Sliver lap m/c
  2. Ribbon lap m/c
B. Modern system
  1. Super lap former.
Features of modern lap former:
  1. Auto doffing for full laps.
  2. Auto stop motion at sliver breakage, at doffing and lapping.
  3. Auto grain adjuster.
  4. Auto leveling.
  5. Auto lap carrying device.
  6. Indicator light for faulty location.
  7. Lap length measuring unit.
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