Jute Products | Some Important Products of Jute

Jute Products:
Jute is the second most important vegetable fiber after cotton due to its versatility. It is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly fiber and do not pollute our environment like plastic products and poly bags. Day by day the demands of jute goods are increasingly rapidly. Jute products are not only used in working purposes but also widely used in decorating purposes. To keep our world clean and healthy jute products have no alternatives. Some products of jutes are highlighted in below:

Jute wall decoration products:
For interior decoration, jute products are widely used. Specially for wall decoration different items of jute are using. Like as, Embroidered paintings, Framed pictures, Framed photographs, Tapestries, Framed mirrors, Wall decals, Wall hangings, Hanging pockets storage, key holders etc.

Jute framed mirror
Fig: Jute framed mirror

Jute Bags : Jute Hand Bags , Jute Beach Bags, Jute Shopping Bags, Jute Sling Bags, Jute Christmas Bags, Jute Sacking Bag, Jute Promotional Bags, Jute Bottle Bags, Jute Hessian Cloth Bags, Jute Hydro-Carbon Free Bags, Jute Food Grade Bags
Jute bag
Jute Handicrafts: Notebook, Pen holder, Greeting cards, Photo frame, file folder, Gift Box, Memo Box, Tissue Box, Slip Pad Holder, Jute Wall Hangings, Jute Coasters, Jute Table Mats, Jute Hammocks, Jute Lamp Shades, Jute Stationery 
Jute Gift box
Jute Textile: Jute Hessian Cloth or Burlap, Jute Geo Textiles, Jute Yarn, Jute Hydro-Carbon Free Cloth, Jute Carpet Backing Cloth (CBC), Jute Canvas,

Jute apparel
Jute Apparel: Jute Jacket, Jute Footwear, Jute Fashion Accessories 
Jute fashion bag
Jute footwear
Jute Furnishings: Jute Mats & Durries, Jute Cushion Covers, Jute Fabrics, Jute Blinds, Jute Rugs, Jute Carpets 

Jute furnishing
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