Classification of Jute Fiber

Classification of Jute:
Classification of jute according to the quality (Geographical distribution according to Bangladesh):
  1. Jat
  2. District
  3. Northern
  • Jat is the finest quality jute with firm
  • It has good color and length
  • It has good luster
This type of jute fiber grows in the district of Mymensingh, Dhaka and Comilla. 
Jute plant
District jute is close to jat in quality.
  • The fiber is not uniform in textures and strands
  • Its color varies from light ream to dull grey
  • Its length is shorter.
There are two types of District jute. They are-
  1. Hard district
  2. Soft district
Hard district:
The hard district jute is better than the soft district.It mainly grows in the district of Faridpur

Soft district:
This type of jute grows in district of Noakhali,Pabna,Barisal,Jessor,Khulna,Sylhet,Lower Comilla,Chittagong and some part of Dhaka.

  • Northern jute is of somewhat inferior quality.
  • The fiber is dull-colored fluffy hairy and barky
  • Generally medium length and weak.
This type of jute grows in District of Rangpur, Dinajpur, Bogra and Rajshahi. 


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