What is Stabilizer? | Working Process of Stabilizer in Textile Wet Processing

Stabilizer makes complex compound with catalyst but not react and stop the oxygen generation into solution and preserved the strength loss of hydrogen peroxide. High PH and temperature lead to the decomposition of peroxide bleaching liquor and degradation of cellulose. 

The role of the stabilizer is simply to control or regulate these effects the act as buffers, sequestrates and in special cases, enhancing performance of the surfactant used in the bleach bath. The sequestering and inactivates metallic impurities which causes catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide or precipitation of hydroxides or carbonates. These impurities the most common being calcium and iron are brought into the bleaching system by the fabric water supply or the other chemical used.

The most common stabilizing agent have been used are Sodium Silicate. The stabilize were the sodium polysilicate (effective at lower), The sodium metasilicate (washed out readily) than the polysilicate also used sodium orthosilicate and potassium silicate.

Substrates bleached with a silicate stabilizer must be washed off in soft neutral boiling water in order to prevent problem caused by insoluble silicates or silic acid. Although sodium silicate is both effective and economical, the problems associated with silicate deposits on fabric and machinery have made alternative
non-silicate or organic stabilizers.
Advantages of Sodium Silicate:
1. Good degree of whiteness.
2. Better bleaching of veg. matter and removal of husks.
3.  Masking of heavy metal ions.

Disadvantages of Sodium Silicate:
1. Sensitive to water hardness.
2. Handle impairment.
3. Reduction in absorbency.
4. Blocking of pipes.

In order to avoid these disadvantages organic stabilizers together with magnesium salt 0.2g/litre.


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