Weaving and Knitting | Compare/Difference Between Weaving and Knitting

The method or process of interlacing two yarns of similar materials so that they cross each other at right angles to produce woven fabric. The warp yarns, or ends, run lengthwise in the fabric, and the filling threads (weft), or picks, run from side to side. Weaving can be done on a power or hand loom or by several hand methods.

A method of constructing fabric by interlocking series of loops of one or more yarns. The two major classes of knitting are warp knitting and weft knitting.

Weaving and knitting
Fig: Weaving and knitting
Difference Between Weaving and Knitting 

1. Definition
The fabric forming process by interlacement of warp threads.
The fabric forming process by intermeshing of loops.
2. Elasticity
Very less or no elasticity.
The fabric shows high amount of stretch and elasticity due to loop structure.
3. Dimentional stability
Good dimensional stability which causes less shrinkage.
Less dimensional stability.
4. Durability
More durable
Less durable than woven Fabrics.
5. Moisture absorption
The fabric absorbs less moisture
The knitted fabrics absorb more moisture because of their loose construction.
6. Slacking and low sening
The fabric provides good stability due to intersecting of yarns at right angle.
It creates problem after wearing for along time.
7. Air permeability
Air is less permeable due to compact construction woven fabric.
Air permeability is more due to voluminous structure of knitted fabric.
8. Crease
woven fabrics are more inclined to crease .So ironing and iron retention  are better knitted fabric.
Knitted fabrics are more resistant to crease. So it requires no ironing.
9. Production cost
 Production cost is more due to warp preparation and desizing process
Production cost is less due to modest manufacturing process.
10. Yarn
TPI of yarn is comparatively higher than knitting yarn.
TPI of yarn is comparatively lower than woven fabric.
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