Garments Inspection | Flow Chart of Garment Inspection

Garment Inspection
The inspections are done to control the quality is means by examining the products without the products any instruments. To examine the fabric, sewing, button, thread, zipper, garments measurements and so on according to specification or desired standard is called inspection. There are so many facilities for inspection in every section of garments industries. The aim of inspection is to reduce the time and cost by identifying the faults or defects in every step of garments making.

Garments inspections
Fig: Garments inspections
Flow Chart of Garment Inspection

Confirmation of Quantity

Confirmation of accessories

Size spec inspection

In side Inspection

Out side Inspection

Final Inspection


Inspection Procedure of Garments are Described Below:

1. Confirmation of Quantity: 
First step of garment inspection start with confirmation of Quantity with the vendors packing list by counting all Pecs. Of each box. If Qty is not matching to the packing list and written in the box then this discrepancy is informed to the vendor.

2. Confirmation of Accessories: 
Next step is the confirmation of accessories, here we confirm brand tags, demerit tags, Price tags, or other tags, wash care labels, woven labels, or other labels and accessories as required by the buyer.

3. Size Spec inspection: 
After confirmation of accessories all pcs are checked as per size spec based on the instruction sheet which is given by the buyer side. If any measurement problem is noticed then we check the original sample and inform the buyer same time.

4. In Side Inspection: 
At this stage garment is checked from reverse side to ensure that there is no fabric defect, poor stitching, and stains etc in the garment.

5. Out Side Inspection: 
At this stage garment is checked from outside to ensure that there is no color variation, weaving defect, fabric defect, printing defect, holes, poor stitching, bad smell , dying defect and stains etc in the garment.

6. Final Inspection: 
 Final Inspection stage is the most important part of inspection process, here garment is rechecked to confirm that inspection is done properly without missing any checking step if any defect is noticed we put it into rejection bin or send it for repay.

7. Packing: 
All “Grade-A” goods are put back into poly bags as per the original packaging and then they are send for needle inspection .

So, depending on the quality of defect some garments are send for repair and some are rejected.

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