Garment Checking | Checking List of Apparel Garments Industry

Before packaging of garments must be check out. It is so much important before buying whatever the garment is made by exporter or other foreign countries.

Checking List of Garments Industry are Point out Below:

A. Cutting Quality Check List:
  1. Pattern to Cutting Garments Measurement Check.
  2. Fabric diameter Measurement Check.
  3. Cutting Lay Check.
  4. Fabric Roll to Roll Shade Check.
  5. Fabric G.S.M Check.
  6. Bundle Mistake Check.
  7. Size Mistake Check.
  8. Fabric Color Mistake Check.
  9. Yarn contaminated Check.
  10. Any Fabric Problem Check.
B. Sewing Line quality Check List:
  1. Buyer Approved Sample & Measurement Sheet Check.
  2. Sample Wise Input Check.
  3. Buyer Approved Trims Card Check.
  4. Buyer Approved Sample Wise Style Check.
  5. All Machine Thread Tension Check.
  6. Style Wise Print & Embroidery Placement Check.
  7. All Process Measurement Check.
  8. All Machine Oil Spot Check.
  9. All Process S.P.I Check as Per Buyer Requirement.
  10. Input Time Shading, Bundle Mistake & Size Mistake Check.
  11. Buyer Approved Wise Contrast Color Check.
  12. As per Buyer Requirement Wise Styling Check.
  13. All Machine Stitch Tension Balance Properly.
C. Sewing Table Quality Check List:
  1. Style Wise Garments Check.
  2. All Process Measurement Check..
  3. Front Part, Back Part, Sleeve & Thread Shading Check.
  4. S.P.I Check for All Process.
  5. Print/Embroidery Placement Check.
  6. Main Label, Care Label, Size Label &Care Symbol Check.
  7. Size Mistake Check.
  8. All Process Alter Check.
  9. Any Fabric Fault /Rejection Check.
D. Finishing Quality Check List:
  1. As Per Buyer Requirement Wise Iron Check..
  2. Buyer Approved Sample Wise Style Check.
  3. Front Part, Back part, Sleeve, Rib Thread & Contrast Color check.
  4. Print/Embroidery Quality & Placement Check.
  5. All process S.P.I check.
  6. Oil Spot/Dirty Spot Check.
  7. Main Label Care label & Care Symbol Check.
  8. Any Fabric Fault & Fabric Reject Check.
  9. All process Measurement Check.
  10. Blister Poly & After Poly Getup Check.
  11. Hang tag & Price Sticker Check.
  12. Assortment Every Carton Pcs Quantity Check.
  13. Buyer Requirement Wise Ctn Size, Poly Size, & garments Size Check.
E. Out Side Print & Embroidery Quality Check List:
  1. Buyer Approved Sample or Artwork Wise Bulk Sample Print & Embroidery Design Check.
  2. Size Wise Approved Pattern Placement Check.
  3. As per Sample Wise Print Design, Color & Quality Check.
  4. Bundle & Size Wise Print/Embroidery Check.
  5. Fabric Top Side in Side Check.
  6. Print / Embroidery Pattern Placement Check.
  7. As Per Sample Wise Print/Embroidery Design, Thread Color Quality Check.
  8. Print/Embroidery Color Wise Wash Test Check.
F. Store Quality Check List:
  1. Buyer Approved Trims Card Check.
  2. Buyer Approved Sample Wise Main, Size & Care Label Check.
  3. Buyer Approved Sample Wise Care Symbol Check.
  4. Thread Color Shading & Quality Check.
  5. Buyer Wise Hang tag & Price Sticker Check. 
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University of Chittagong

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