Features of HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine | Working Principle of HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine

HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine is ideally suitable for sample dyeing of fabric and yarn at high temperature and pressure. This machine is a versatile, compact and maintenance free apparatus suitable for both Polyester and cotton sample dyeing. In fact it is suitable for dyeing of any fiber in form. The apparatus is of immense use for dyeing and processing units, research/testing labs, textile engineering institutes and dyes manufacturers.
Beaker Dyeing Machine
Features of HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine:
  1. The machine comprises of tank, beaker and gear box
  2. The beakers are capable of withstanding pressure upto 6.0 Kg/cm square.
  3. The machine is complete in stainless steel
  4. Ensures a sound free and smooth working.
  5. Microprocessor based programmer is provided which ensures temperature control.
  6. Promises long life and leak proof service even after many years of use.
Specifications of HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine:
  • Standard Model : 12x250 ml., 12x100 ml., 6x500 ml., 12x500 ml.
  • Electric Supply : Single phase 220 Volts, AC Supply
  • Heater Supply : 3000 watt Single Phase
  • Overall dimensions of the Unit : 700 ±05mm (L) x 470±05mm (H) x 370±05mm (W)
  • Capacity of Beaker : 250 ml Beaker X 12 Pcs.
  • Carriage Rotation : At 22 rpm. (±2 rpm)
  • Maximum operating Temperature : 135°C.
  • No. of Heater : 3 x 1500 W
  • Maximum rate of heating: 1.50C
  • Maximum rate of cooling 1.50C ( Water temperature max 250C )
  • Net Weight of the Unit : 35 Kg.
  • Net Weight of the Beaker (250ml) : 10.980 Kg.
  • Motor : Reversible Synchronous Geared Motor
  • Medium used for Heating : Glycerine
  • Beakers : 12x250 ml., SS-316 grade
Working Principle of HTHP Beaker Dyeing Machine:
  1. First of prepare for dyeing piece by taking the sample fabric as per leakier ratio as suggested by your quality consultant.
  2. Sample moves up & down with auto forward and reverse direction through process controller.
  3. The machine must be cleaned at the regular intervals by changing water inside the chamber.
  4. All bearings should be lubricated every three months.
  5. Single phase motor contacts and Power contacts should be inspected every three months.
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