Fabric Characteristics | Characteristics of Purl Fabric/Plain Single Jersey Knitted Fabric/Interlock Knitted Fabric

By properties or characteristics of any material we can judge a complete concept about those material. It is essential to know fabric characteristics. If we know characteristics of any fabric then we identify that what kind of fabric, we will also know handle, softness, tightness etc. Now I will give some fabric characteristics which are given below:

Single jersey fabric
Characteristics of Plain Single Jersey Knitted Fabric
  1. Face side and back side of fabric are different.
  2. Curl or roll of fabric occurs at the edges.
  3. Wales are clearly visible on the face side of the fabric.
  4. Extensibility in widthwise is approximately twice than length.
  5. Unraveling of fabric occurs from either side is possible.
  6. Thickness of fabric is approximately twice the diameter of yarn used.
  7. There is only one series of knitted loop per courses in the fabric.
Characteristics of Interlock Knitted Fabric
  1. Interlock the technical face of plain on both sides so the appearance of face and back are same.
  2. The Wales of each side re exactly apposite to each other and are locked together.
  3. Width wise and length elongations are approximately the same as single jersey .
  4. The fabric does not curl at the edges .
  5. The fabric can be unraveled from the knitted last.
  6. Two yarn must be removed to unravel a complete repeat of knitted courses.
  7. Fabric thickness is approximately twice than that of single jersey .
Characteristics of Purl Fabric
  1. Purl is reversible structure the both side appearance are same.
  2. Extensibility is same as all direction.
  3. There is no curling tendency.(it does not curl at the edges).
  4. The fabric will run in the wale direction starting from either end.
  5. Unraveling of fabric course by course from either side is possible.
  6. The fabric tends to be two or three times thicker than single jersey.
  7. There are two types of purl needle bed machine:flat bed purl and circular purls.
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