Comparison Between Rotor Spinning and Ring Spinning

Rotor spinning process is fully different from carded or combed spinning. Rotor yarn is coarser than carded or combed yarn. The count of rotor yarn is very low. Most of rotor yarn count is below 20’s but highest yarn count may be 40’s . Coarser fabric is formed by rotor yarn. Most of the jeans or pant is made by rotor yarn. Denim is fully depends on rotor yarn. The price of rotor yarn fabric is very low than combed and carded yarn fabric.
Rotor spinning
Ring spinning
Comparison of Rotor Spun Yarn with the Ring Spun Yarn:
  •  Breaking strength lower than ring spun Yarn
  •  CV% of strength better than ring spun yarn
  •  Elongation at break higher than ring spun yarn
  •  Mass irregularity ( over short lengths) better than ring spun yarn
  •  Imperfection index lower than ring spun yarn
  •  Volume greater than ring spun yarn
  •  Abrasion resistance higher than ring spun yarn
  •  Stiffness higher than ring spun yarn
  •  Handle harder
  •  Power consumption less than ring spun yarn
  •  Possible yarn counts rotor Ne 3 – 60 and Ring Ne 6 – 200
  •  Energy consumption with productivity lower as compared to ring m/c.
 Aesthetic properties
  •  Surface rougher than ring yarn
  •  Hairiness higher than ring yarn
  •  Lusture on the dull side
More capital costs & more maintanace cost as compared to ring machine. In modern rotor spinning line; blow room and carding machine are use at a time. This technique is called “Chute to feed card” or “Chute to feed drawing”. Rotor spinning number is less than combed or carded spinning. Low graded fiber spin in rotor spinning.
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