Bale Management | Object of Bale Management | Specification of a Cotton Bale

Bale Management:
Testing, sorting and mixing bales according to the properties of fibre for producing specific good quality of yarn at minimum cost is called Bale management.

Object of Bale Management:
1. An evening out of the quality characteristics of a yarn.
2. A means of avoiding quality jumps.
3. A possibility of reducing costs as a result of an improved knowledge of the fibre characteristics.

Specification of a Cotton Bale:
1. Origin: CIS( UZ bekistan) raw cotton
2. Crop year: 2008-2009
3. Bale weight: 215-220 kgs(approximately).
4. Staple length: 1 inches
5. Micronaire: 4.0 – 4.8
6. Strength : 24-29 gram/tex
7. Grade: SMW( Strict middling white)
8. Price: 65.5 usc/lb

Managing Bales:
To manage the bales we need four modules of fibers and the relation exist between fibers and yarn. They are:
  1. Strength
  2. Length
  3. Color grade and
  4. Micronaire value 


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