Yarn Preparation for Weaving and Knitting

Yarn preparation:
Yarn preparation involves those processes that improve the yarn’s weaveability or knittability. Yarn may be grey or dyed which are used for weaving and knitting. Yarn is the basic element for weaving and knitting. Yarn preparation is very essential for both weaving and knitting. Because the yarn which are collected from spinning can not directly used in weaving and knitting. Before using it in loom or knitting machine it is processed by many ways. These all ways are called yarn preparation.

Flowchart of yarn preparation
Fig: Flowchart of yarn preparation
Importance of yarn preparation:
  1. To wind yarn uniformly on to a suitable package.
  2. To improve weaving efficiency.
  3. To improve or maintain higher quality of fabric.
  4. To clean the yarn for better appearance and performance.
  5. To remove yarn fault.
Required Properties of a Weaving Yarn :
  1. Yarn must be uniform.
  2. It should be less hairy and more clean.
  3. It must be free from knot.
  4. It should have enough strength, so that it is not broken by friction in weaving process.
  5. Yarn must be free from neps, slubs and loose fibers.
  6. It must be elastic.
  7. Uniform sized yarn is required.
  8. Yarn must be free from hairiness.
  9. Uniformly sized
Preparation Requirement for Weaving Yarn:
  1. Warp Yarns
  2. Yarns must be aligned properly
  3. Yarn strength must be increased
  4. Yarn hairiness must be decreased
  5. Yarn smoothness must be increased
  6. Yarn elongation and flexibility must be sustained
Filling Yarns
Yarn must be wound properly and on a suitable package for high speed unwinding

Preparation Requirement for Knitting Yarn:

Weft Knitting
  • Yarn friction must be decreased
  • Fiber shedding must be decreased
  • Yarn smoothness must be increased
Warp Knitting
  • Yarn friction must be decreased
  • Fiber shedding must be decreased
  • Yarn smoothness must be increased
  • Yarns must be properly aligned for introduction to knitting needles
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