What is ERP Software? | Functions of ERP Software’s in Textile | Application of ERP Software in Textiles

ERP Software:
ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) is revolutionary concept in the contemporary world. All the information of an enterprise under one roof for assisting planning and implementing decisions having complete visibility that is the main objective of ERP.

ERP Software’s in Textiles:
ERP Software’s are available in different sectors in textiles. Such as:

1. ERP-Software for Home Textiles
2. ERP-Software for Spinning Mills
3. ERP-Software for Weaving Mills
4. ERP-Software for Textile Processing Mills

What are the Benefits of ERP ?

  1. Easily monitoring of an industry
  2. Compiling report within a very short time
  3. No chance for data manipulation
  4. Saving of time
  5. Easy access anywhere from the world
Functions of ERP Software’s in Textiles
ERP Software allows the following functions :

  1. Sales order entry
  2. Procurement
  3. Inventory
  4. Production
  5. Costing
  6. Managing Dye house
1. Sales Order Entry:
Considering color size combinations , creation of preformed invoice,shipping document, sales invoice, picking of finished goods, packing list generation, handling letter of credit facilities.

2. Procurement:
Requisition, approvals, purchase order creation, receiving goods through receiving documents.

3. Inventory:
Availability of raw materials/work-in progress/finished goods per lot, container, batch wise, order wise.

4. Production:
Production steps with consumption breakdown, starting and end dates, waste calculation, production progress tracking.

5. Costing:
Pre-costing by merchandisers and actual costing from raw materials in reality utilized in production floor.

6. Managing Dye House:
A lot of waste come from dyeing industry that certainly increases the fabric price. ERP software facilities dye house management providing chemical inventory, batch management system, daily production report with waste calcularion, recipe creation, lab-management, actual cost calculation, reprocess dyeing etc. in their recognized ERP system.
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