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Color Model

Additive Color  
  • RGB Color Model
Subtractive Color
  • CMYK Color Model
  • RYB Color Model
RYB Color Model
RYB (an abbreviation of red-yellow-blue) is a historical set of colors used in subtractive color mixing, and was once thought to be the set of primary colors. It is primarily used in art and design education, particularly painting. 
Color wheel
Color has there dimensions or qualities:
  • Hue
  • Value
  • Intensity/Chroma
The name given to a color.

The lightness or darkness of a color.

The brightness or dullness of a color.

Made by adding white to a color so that it is lighter.


Tints are lightened colors. Always begin with white and add a bit of color to the white until the desired tint is obtained.

Made by adding black to a color so that it is darker.


Shades are darkened colors. Always begin with the color and add just a bit of black at a time to get the desired shade of a color. This is an example of a value scale for the shades of blue.

The Color Wheel
If the ends of the spectrum are bent around a color wheel is formed:
Colors on the wheel can be described using three parameters:
1.Hue: degrees from 0˚ to 360˚
2.Saturation: brightness or dullness
3.Value: lightness or darkness
(As suggested by Henry Albert Munsell in A Colour Notation, 1905)
Hue or Spectral Color is represented as an angle. 

Primary Colors:
•0˚ = Red
•120˚ = Green
•240˚ = Blue 

Secondary Colors:
•60˚ = Yellow
•180˚ = Cyan
•300˚ = Magenta
  • Saturation or Chroma is the intensity of a color.
  • A highly saturated color is bright and appears closer to the edge of the wheel.
  • A more unsaturated color is dull.
  • A color with no saturation is achromatic or in the grey scale.
“The quality by which we distinguish a light color from a dark one." Value represents the luminescent contrast value between black and white

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