Warp and Weft Yarn Preparation | Necessity of Warp/Weft Yarn Preparation

Warp Preparation

Provides each warp yam with its drop wire, heddle, and reed dent.

Tying- In
When mass producing the same fabric by simply typing each end of a new beam to its corresponding end of the old beam

Necessity of Warp Yarn Preparation
We need to prepare the warp yarn because of:
  1. Imperfection of yarn.
  2. Requirement to transfer the spun yarns in a conventional package.
  3. Extra treatment to make the yarn ready for weaving.
  4. Warp yarn must be able to withstand destructive forces to which it is subjected during the weaving process.
  5. Yarn hairiness must be decreases.
  6. Yarn must be aligned properly.
  7. Yarn elongation & flexibility must be sustained.
Weft Preparation
On conventional loom the filling yarn is inserted by means of a shuttle carrying a bobbin. This bobbin should be tapered at the end so that the yarn may be pulled without interruption through the eye of the shuttle as the shuttle travels from one side of the loom to the other.

Necessity of Weft Yarn Preparation

  1. Removal of slubs & weak places during processing which otherwise would impair the running of the loom.
  2. The production of the tighter packages having more yards per pirn. This reduces the number of pirn changes in the loom. This, in turn, reduces the possibilities of flaws & wastage.
  3. Greater uniformity of pirns used on the loom. This improves the uniformity of the fabric.
  4. The easy handling of small lots. 
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