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Printing is one kind of dyeing.It can be described as the controlled placing of defined areas of colour on to a substrate. In this process different types of color used to make a particular design on the textile goods. Printing is applied on the fibre surface usually in the form of a printing paste. It could be referred to as a sort of selective dyeing that makes an important contribution to fabric decoration thanks to the combination of colours and dyeing methods. Normally printing is performed on the textile goods in dry condition. Printing effect is performed by using different types of printing machinery. In this article I have given some printing machineries with specification.

Fig: Printing machineries

1. Gas Heating Machine
Company name: HEBBECHEKER
Model: TS-R
Volt: 400 H3
Power : E.L.KW- 2.2 Amp
Weight: 180 kg
Made in: Germany- 2005

2. Fabric Heating Machine
Company name : HEBBECKER
Model No: Magic 5000
Volt: 400 H3
Power : EL.KW: 9.3 Amp
Weight : 44 kg
Made in : Germany-2005

3. Flock Printing Machine
Model : VT-M-PP-0610-4645
Volt : 230 H3
Power : EL.Kw- 0.6 Amp
Weight: 980 kg
Made in : Germany-2004

4. Printing Table Heat Machine
Model name : Heating carriage
Model no :-KZ02/0098J
Made in : Thailand -2002
Controlling point : Temperature
Controlling system : Manually

5. Curing machine (01)
Company name : HEBBECHEKER
Model :VY-1500-4000-g-IR
Volt:400 H3
Power :El.kw-14.6amp
Weight : Kg-1500
Made in : Germany- 2004

6. Curing Machine (02)
Model : KZ 04/0143
Made in : Thailand 2004
Temperature : 70-120°c ( very from fabric to fabric )
Controlling point : Temperature
Controlling system : Automatic

7. Curing Matching-(03)
Model-KZ 03/0125
Temperature : 70-150°c ( vary from machine to machine )
Controlling point : time and temperature
Controlling system : Automatic and Manual
Made in : Thailand-2003

8. Heat Pressgng Machine
Company name : Metalnox
Temperature : 120-190°C ( vary form machine to machine )
Controlling point : time and temperature
Time : 1-4 second
Controlling system : Automatic and manual.
Made in :JARAGVA DO SUL-SC in Brazil

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