Sizing Faults | Causes of Faults of Sizing

Causes of Faults of Sizing:

Underslashed Warps:
  • Due to insufficient size concentration
  • Improper size feed to the size box
  • Variable size level
  • Dilution of size
  • Strong squeezing of warp
Overslashed Warps:
  • Due to insufficient splitting of starch at size preparation
  • Weak squeezing
  • Too deep immersion of the warp into the size box
Sticky Warps:
  • High sizing speed
  • Low drying temperature
Over Dried Warps:
  • Low sizing speed
  • Long stoppage of machine during sizing
  • Very high temperature in the drying section
Gum Spots and Smears:
  • Splashes of size get on the squeezed warp
  • Bad stirring of starch at preparation
  • Improper coating of felts on the squeezing rollers
Non Uniform Size Regains:
  • Irregular heating of the size in the box
  • Dilution of the size with live steam
  • Non uniform pressure of squeezing rollers
Crossed and Lost Ends:
  • Lease rods are set too far apart
  • Broken ends are improperly pieced up
  • Bad warping
Improper Build of Beam:
  • Incorrect spreading of yarn ends in the reed dents
Incorrect Warp Length:
  • Disarrangement of the measuring and marking mechanism
  • Improper adjustment of measuring and marking mechanism
Dirt Stains in Warp:
  • The size boxes and machine metal parts are dirty
  • The size is cooked in non-galvanized iron kettles.
  • Due to the friction between the yarn and drying cylinder
Sandy Warp:
  • Due to not crushed or grind the size material
Hard Sizing:
  • Excessive application of size material
Size Dropping:
  • Due to not optimum viscosity of the size solution
Uneven Sizing:
  • Due to over and under sizing 
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