Schematic Way of Winding | Process of Winding

Schematic Way of Winding

Winding area
It has three sections:
  1. The unwinding zone.
  2. The tension & clearing zone.
  3. The winding zone.
The Unwinding Zone: 
To rewind the yarn on a new package, it must first be removed from the old package. This is accomplished in the unwinding zone. This zone merely consists of a creel, which holds the old package in an optimum position for unwinding. The common yarn withdrawal methods, side withdrawal &  over-end withdrawal.
The Tension & Clearing Zone: 
The next zone is the tension & clearing zone. It is in his zone that yarn receives the proper tension to provide an acceptable package density & build for further processing. This zone consists of a tension device, a device to detect thick spots or slubs in the yarn & a stop motion which causes the winding to stop in the case of a yarn break or the depletion of a supply package. The yarn is directed into this zone by a guide.
The Winding Zone: 
In this section, winding process is done here.


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