Process Flow Chart of Textile Printing

What is Printing:
Textile printing is the art of design by mechanical and chemical application. When different types of color used to make a particular design on the textile goods is called printing. Normally printing is performed on the textile goods in dry condition. Printing is one kind of dyeing. The difference of this process with dyeing is that dyeing is that dyeing is the overall or throughout coloration where as printing is only localized coloration. Printing applied on fabric with various styles and methods.

Textile printing
Fig: Textile printing
Flow Chart of Textile Printing

Grey textiles / Raw material

Brushing and Shearing










Preparation of printing paste

Printing (with a certain style and method)

Drying of the printed fabric (in the drier)

Steaming of the printed fabric
(To transfer dye into fiber, 100-102 oC, 15 min in a steamer)

After treatment (Soaping of washing)

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