Process Flow Chart of Garment's Sample Making | How To Make a Garment Sample?

In previous, we have discussed about the Flowchart of Garment Manufacturing, Flow Chart of Cutting Section. Now we will discuss about the process of  garments sample making.

garments sample making
Fig: Garments sample making

Flow Chart of Sample Making

Garments Design or Sketch ( Manually or Computerized )

Basic Block ( Manually or Computerized )

Working Pattern ( By Machine )

Sample Garments ( Manually )

Problem of Production or Production Related Matter

Costing...............................................................................Send to Buyer

Approved Sample

Production Pattern ( By Hand or Computer )

Briefly Discuss:

Design or Sketch:
It is nothing but one kind of engineering art including all measurement of particular style.

Basic Block:
It is an individual component of garments without any design or style.

Working Pattern:
To make pattern for a particular style with net dimension.

Sample Garments:
The garments which is needed for bulk production, is called sample garments.

Problem of Production or Production Related Matter:
Production related problems should be eliminated in this step.

Approved Sample:
The sample which is approved by buyer is called approved sample.

Send to Buyer:
When all process are done, then the garments are sent to buyer.

Production Pattern:
To make pattern for a particular style with net dimension along with allowance.

Factors Upon Which Pattern Making Depends:

  • Skillness
  • Technological knowledge
  • Analysis of design and
  • Experience of garments making. 
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