Planning for Knit Dyeing | Process Sequence of Batch Preparation

Planning for Dyeing Knit:
Production planning for dyeing is called “Batch Plan”. According to the batch no, color, width, style and construction the batch plan is made. It is the first steps before knit dyeing. Batching is the receiving section of grey fabric and sending section of grey fabric to the dyeing section which will dye. Batching is the process to get ready the fabrics which should be dyed and processed for a particular lot of a particular order. During batch preparation some points are considered. If some fault occurs during batch preparation then it affects the shade of dyed fabric. In this article I will give process flow chart of batch preparation.

Batch preparation for dyeing
Fig: Batch preparation for dyeing
Batch Preparation:

Process Sequence of Batch Preparation:

Receive batch card from grey in-charge
Make the priority as per dyeing plan
Take one specific batch card
Read the batch card for own understanding
Check the availability of fabric
Take required quantity of body fabric from ware-house
Make required no. of rope maintaining equal length
Take collar / cuff as per size, keep the total weight
Distribute the collar / cuff or rib in each rope equally ensure equal length
Write down the weight against roll no. in the back side of the batch card
Write the total weight in batch card
Put signature & date
Fill up the production report form 

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