Parameters Affecting Performance of Warp Yarns During Weaving

Parameters of Warp Yarns During Weaving
  1. Material characteristics.
  2. Fiber type, e.g., cotton, polyester, acetate.
  3. Yarn type & structure including blend composition, e.g. staple, ring, open
  4. end, air-jet, combed, carded, core spun, continuous filament.
  5. Yarn hairiness.
  6. Yarn preparation; winding, warping, slashing.
  7. Tension on yarn during sizing.
  8. Moisture content.
  9. Drying temperature.
  10. Slashing machine parameters.
  11. Slashing speed.
  12. Size box characteristics.
  13. High pressure squeeze rolls, including hardness of rolls.
  14. Amount of size.
  15. Yarn tension.
  16. Closeness of yarn.
  17. Loom parameters.
  18. Type of loom.
  19. Weave
  20. Loom speed.
  21. Warp tension.


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