Faults and Prequation of Pigment Dyeing | Advantages/Disadvantages of Pigment Dyeing

In the previous article have described about the Pigment and Pigment Dyeing Process. Now here are given pigment dyeing faults and its precaution. Advantages/Disadvantages of Pigment Dyeing.

Pigment Dyeing Faults:
Listing Effects: It occurs along the width of fabric due to uneven pressure of padder rollers which cause shade variation.

Tailing Effect:
It occurs along the length of fabric due to changing concentration of pigment liquor . This also causes shade variation.

Precaution of Pigment Dyeing:
  1. The fabric to be dyed should not be alkaline.
  2. Optical brightening agent should not be used because it may produce faulty shade.
  3. Binder should not be allowed to form skein which ultimately give specky shade.
Advantages of Pigment Dyeing:
  1. Applicable to natural and synthetic fiber.
  2. Wide range of color can be produced.
  3. Can be used for dope dyeing for filament yarn.
  4. Easy applicable.
  5. Less expensive.
  6. No washing or rinsing is required after printing.
  7. Speedy and fast process.
  8. Less water consumption.
Disadvantages of Pigment Dyeing:
  1. Not controllable for the binder film.
  2. Use of solvent like kerosene, spirit etc can produce problems like flammability, odor, pollution etc.
  3. The jumping up of equipment and air and water pollution in observed.
  4. Rubbing fastness is average.
  5. Bad fabric and aesthetic feeling.

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