Comparison Between Reactive Dye and Azoics Dye | Comparison Between Vat Dye and Azoic Dye

Vat Dye vs Azoics Dye 
1. Azoics are economical than Vat dyes.
2. Bright reds , oranges and deep maroon shades are possible in Azoics.
3. Limited Shade range in Azoics.
4. Bright pinks , bright Blue . olive green , green and blacks are not possible in Naphthols.
5. No fear of photodegradation in Naphthols.
6. Rubbing na dlight fastness is inferior in Naphthol dyeing.
7. More Suitable for Tie-dye and space dyeing.

Reactive Dye Vs Azoics Dye
1. Limited shade range in Azoics.
2. Dyeing method is very complex with too many variables in naphtholation , diazotisation and developing baths.
3. Color fastness to Chlorine is better in naphthols.
4. Rubbing and Light fastness are inferior in azoics.
5. Dark and bright reds , maroons and ornages can be produced in azoics which are difficult in reactives.
6. Azoics are suitable for Tie-dye and space dyeing.

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