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The spindles used for yarn winding are relatively long. The spacing between the ring and the thread guide is correspondingly long. Thus it gives a high balloon. This high balloon causes space problem and excessive yarn tension due to high air drag. 

Balloon Size Depends On
1. Yarn count: Centrifugal force is acted during the operation of unwinding. If the yarn is coarse the stronger centrifugal force is produced during winding & hence larger balloon size is formed.

2. Yarn winding/unwinding rate: Higher the speed of winding/unwinding higher the centrifugal force is produced; hence larger balloon is formed.

3. Size of the package: If the package is larger for the same lift then the height of the balloon will be larger.

4. Lift of the package: Higher the lift of the package then the larger balloon is formed.

5. Position of the guide: If the yarn guide is placed at larger distance from the yarn package, then larger balloon is formed.

The anti-ballooner is made as a guide of special shape which is placed in the zone of the ballooning yarn motion.

Here 7 is one kind of anti ballooner

The principle of anti-ballooner is that the ballooning yarn periodically meets objects on its path, which disturbs the yarn balance in the balloon so that the latter acquires a more complicated multi-wave shape. At the moment the balloon shape changed, when the number of ballooning yarn wave changes, a shape decrease in yarn tension is observed. 


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