Textile Testing | Objects of Textile Testing | Different Types of Textile Testing | Fiber Test/Yarn Test/Fabric Test

The process to determine the properties of different kinds of substance is called testing.

Types of Testing:
1. Routine process testing
2. Quality record testing


Objects of Testing:
1. Research
2. Selection of raw material
3. Process control
4. Product control
5. Process development
6. Product development
7. Specification test

The necessary Test of different Textiles:

Fiber Test:
1. Identification of fiber
2. Grading
3. Fiber length
4. Strength and elongation ;tensile properties
5. Fineness or linear density test
6. Maturity test
7. Trash, neps test etc.

Yarn Test:
1. Yarn count or linear density
2. Twist per unit length
3. Strength and elongation i.e. tensile properties
4. Appearance
5. Evenness and regularity
6. Hairiness

Fabric Test:
1. Strength and elongation test i.e. tensile properties
2. Width
3. Thickness
4. Number of ends and picks per unit length
5. The count of yarn used
6. Fabric weight per unit length
7. Design and construction of the cloth
8. Air permeability
9. Thermal properties
10. Stiffness, handle, drape
11. Crease resistance and recovery
12. Abrasion
13. Pilling
14. Shrinkage
15. Water absorbency or resistance etc. 


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