Tappet Shedding | Tappet Shedding Mechanism | Scope of Tappet Shedding | Driving of Shedding Tappet

Experiment name: Study on Tappet shedding mechanism.

  1. To know about the different parts formed this shedding.
  2. To learn the mechanism of tappet shedding.
Scope of tappet shedding:
Tappets are generally used for heald shedding. Tappet, cam and wipers are names given indiscriminately to those irregular pieces of mechanism to which a rotary motion is given for the purpose of producing, by sliding contact, reciprocating motion in rods and levers. When the rod is to receive a series of lifts, with intervals of rest, the piece is generally called tappet.

Types of tappet:
Various kinds of shedding tappets are used in industries.

They are of two main types:
  1. Negative shedding tappet
  2. Positive shedding tappet
Main parts:
  1. Motor
  2. Motor pulley
  3. M/C pulley
  4. Crank shaft
  5. Crank shaft gear
  6. Bottom shaft gear
  7. Bottom shaft
  8. Tappet
  9. Connecting rod
  10. Heald shaft
  11. Top arm 
Tappet Shedding Mechanism
Tappet Shedding Mechanism
Position of fixation of shedding tappet:
The shedding tappets are may be fixed in different parts of a loom.

  • Under and over the centre of heald shaft.
  • Under and over one end of heald shaft.
  • Out side the loom framing.
Driving of shedding tappet:
In our loom tappet gets motion in the following way. At first machine pulley gets drive by belt from motor pulley. Then machine pulley, which is directly joined with the crank shaft, gives motion to bottom shaft. This crank shaft gives motion to bottom shaft via gearing. Two tappets are joined with the bottom shaft. So when bottom shaft moves then the tappets also rotate. When it gets contact with tradle bowl it lifts the tradle levers and the heald shafts are lifted by tradle levers via links. As this is a negative shedding tappet the heald shafts are lowered by their own weight.

Tappet shedding mechanism is important for driving loom. It is also important for fabric design. By this experiment I learn this mechanism. This would be very helpful in my future life.

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