Properties of Fiber | Properties of Textile Fiber

Properties of Textile Fiber:
To be a textile fiber it has some properties. The properties of textile fiber are given below:

Normally properties of textile fiber are three types
A) Physical Properties 
C) Chemical Properties


A) Physical Properties
1. Length
2. Fineness
3. Crimp
4. Maturity
5. Lusture
6. Softness
7. Resiliency
8. Work of rupture
9. Density
10. Appearance
11. Flexibility
12. Toughness
13. Elorgation

B)Mechanical Properties

1. Strength

2. Elasticity
3. Extensibility
4. Rigidity 

C) Chemical Properties

1. Solubility in aqueous salt

2. Solubility in organic salt 

Without above that properties fiber has also 

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